Stop. Look. Read.


Hello there, random stranger. Please take a few moments to read this, it’s REALLY important. And… It’s all about YOU.

I want to talk about the important events in your life.

Firstly, your birth. This is the time that many people celebrated, because it was the time that brought amazing you into…

i wish i knew then what i know now.

i’m not a completely inept socially anxious loser.

i’m just like everyone else.

and i don’t know if that’s better or worse than what i thought previously.

its funny being in love and wanting to be around them all the time.

to your single friends, you swore that you’d never be that person. but a night without them being there seems mediocre.

Anonymous: hey, how are you? i know life is really hard for you right now but i want you to know that stuff will be okay. you are a lovely person and you can do this. people care about you, i do. i know its cliche, but please stay strong

thank you so much. to be honest, ive been doing a lot better since i’ve got off this site and stopped dwelling on my problems. still, thank you so much for your kind words, its nice to know people out there notice and are willing to be there if you need them xoxo


too cool for the weird kids,

too weird for the cool kids.

for once i’m sad for unselfish reasons, i’m sad because people i love are sad.